Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Divine In You

I'm writing this despite certain emotional turmoil... or maybe because of this emotional turmoil... who the hell knows.

This is a topic I've been alluding to over a few different posts: Divinity.

What in the world does Divinity have to do with food? More than you might think...

Read through whatever scriptures or texts that you consider to be meaningful to your life, and I can guarantee that in there somewhere is a mention that you too are capable of Great and Good, that you too are as able as the entity that gives you strength and belief.

You are Divine.

The power that makes your heart beat and your brain whirl and your stomach digest and your muscles move is the same power that makes you act from a place of compassion, think complex philosophies, battle disease, and move mountains. Your Body gives you the opportunity to interact with all that Life has to offer, through your Body's perceptions, your Body's abilities.

Nowadays, people have forgotten that they are Divine. We treat our greatest assets-- namely, our selves-- as dispensable or replaceable, and our bodies have become that belief made physical; we fill our tissues with toxins from redundant and dangerous medicines to master or even punish our bodies for displaying symptoms that serve as a warning that something in our bodies isn't working correctly; we ignore looking for solutions and instead look for instant relief; we consume food we know is bad for us because it's available. We waste away.

My blog and my personal experiences are not the only sources online or in the world of what happens when you start treating you Body, your Heart, your Mind, maybe even your Soul, as elements worthy of respect, nourishment, comfort, and affection. I'm nowhere near a master at this attitude, the last hour and a half's worth of angry snot-tears serving as proof of that. But even when I'm scraping the bottom of my emotional barrel, I still acknowledge that when I think it's pointless to keep going through the motions of pretending like I care about myself, I can avoid shoveling a pizza down my gullet. I can instead choose to heat up some Paleo Thai Chicken Soup and get a mug of tea, thereby putting good fuel into my body, altering my chemistry, making it possible for me to feel better, maybe even sleep well tonight, and maybe wake up tomorrow morning with a brighter outlook.

Food directly influences your ability to feel and function better.

Eating healthy fats, particularly grass-fes meats that have a healthy fat balance (Omega 3 and Omega 6) in them already, is a proven method of reducing or eliminating certain forms of depression. If you become sad or depressed and can't shake it, feeling like everything in your world is causing you pain, feeling like you're not living up to standard that the Divine in you is worth, would you like to prove that thought-process right by hijacking your Body's chances of healing when you eat food that won't help your chemical make-up change, or would you rather eat something that gives you sustenance, gives you another day to make things better? I wish I was above resorting to cliche, but just because it's popular doesn't mean it's wrong: you are what you eat. If you eat good food, you are able to feel and function at your highest capacity. If you have some sense of conscience and aren't preoccupied with feeling miserable all the time, isn't it safe to conclude that you're more likely to interact with Life with something else on your mind than how much your experiences with Life suck?

What would you be able to do if you weren't battling physical, emotional, or mental diseases? How are you worth anything less than that? And what if it became easier if you weren't constantly eating garbage, smothering the Divine in you?

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