Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's Almost Like This 'Eating Healthy' Thang Pays Off

Last year at Thanksgiving:

I. Hurt. Everywhere. Too much stuffing when I haven't had any gluten or grains in over a month, too much starch, and too many cats in the room (making it that much harder to breathe). Let me just sit in this chair for forty minutes and stair into nothingness while I try to figure out how to move my feet to then walk to the car to then drive home.

This year at Thanksgiving:

I'm. Making. PIES. Avoid stuffing and the non-Paleo pies at all costs... maybe just a bite or two of bread, just for the taste... nope, wait, that hurts now. Never mind, then; gimmie that turkey! And while I'm thinking of it, how about those multiple vegetable sides?! Load me up! And how about some crockpot hot chocolate with dessert? Um, yes please!

This whole month has been about taking pride in my accomplishments from the last year, aka: My First Year Paleo. Before the holiday season began, I officially hit my lowest weight since eighth grade. Let me say that again. Eighth. Grade. The numbers that really matter to me, though, are these:
  • 8 - the average number of hours I've been sleeping each night for two months
  • 3-4 - the number of times I work out during the week now that I've given myself permission to take it easier on my better toned body
  • 60 - the number of seconds I can hold a handstand with or without doing pushups at the same time
  • 4-6 - the average dress size that fits me comfortably without making me look like I'm either wearing a burlap sack or like I got poured into my clothes and didn't know when to say 'stop'
  • 12+ - the number of months I've gone without getting sick like I usually do once the holidays cycle back
  • 5 - the number of new exercises I introduce into my month to make sure I'm not getting bored
  • 2 - the number of inches my hair has grown out in a year, which is good, since Colorado's climate does not get along with my Midwestern hair
Because of some large milestones, I've been traveling a bit. Planes are, for me, nothing short of torture, but not for the reasons you'd probably assume; I love flying, am rarely bothered by screaming infants or kids, never get stuck to Mr. Elbows McFidget-Pants or Mrs. Wearing Salami-Deodorant, and stick to carry-on to keep luggage from getting lost. That said...

There was a point a few years ago when a plane ride meant three additional weeks of respiratory illness so severe that I couldn't hold down food or use my throat to talk... or breathe. I could be on a plane and feel that one germy blob that had been circulating in the cabin's air conditioning wait until I was comfy in my seat and then... FWAP! It'd hit me, and I'd feel myself starting to get sick before the flight landed. Along with the crappy recycled air, the seats on most commercial airlines have become startlingly uncomfortable, leading me to wonder just how much trouble I would get into if I started doing exuberant calisthenics or power yoga in the aisles once every twenty minutes.

Well, I think I have finally overcome my justified annoyance of flying. How?

Eat healthy, for shit's sake!

I loaded up on some Paleo staples before both big trips, since I didn't know what I'd be able to eat on the road. Freeze-dried fruit, nuts and goji berries, chopped veggies, and a homemade 2-pound bag of cajun beef jerky kept me from eating the crap at the airports, kept me from wasting energy trying to digest garbage so it could be focused on repelling the plethora of germs looking for a new home in my lungs, and kept me full and happy when I couldn't find a convenient place to get a meal.

And what's more, I got to meet my brand new niece and nephew (fraternal twins) while in the best health of my life! That, my loves, is a nice 'win'!

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